The Pontine Islands

The Pontine Islands

Basic informations about the itinerary

The Pontine Islands compose a volcanic Archipelago, located in Tirreno sea, few miles away from Naples and Latium coasts. Ponza, Pamarola, Zannone, Gavi, Ventotene e Santo Stefano are the names of these breathtaking islands, characterized by crystalline water and picturesque landscapes. Besides the presence of one of a kind naturalistic scenery, the Pontine Islands stow away an ancient culinary tradition, that blend the typical flavors of fish-based cuisine and roman cuisine.

Ponza: it’s the biggest amongst all and the island from whom the Archipelago takes its name.Ponza is famous for rocky and hilly landscapes, romantic and silent bays, uncontaminated beaches and natural arches.The welcoming Ponza’s little town is full of typical, delicious restaurants, artisanal shops and vibrant nightlife. Among the places not to be missed, the splendid beach of Chiaia di Luna, that of Lucia Rosa, known for its sunsets, the bay of Cala Fèola, with its natural pools and the beach of Frontone, where many boats crowd at sunset to enjoy an aperitif. Moreover, diving lovers can admire numerous sunken shipwrecks from the Second World War between the sea beds.

Ventotene: it’s an island as little as rich of culture and history date back to the Roman Empire. This little angle of paradise offers a lot of activities: naturalistic paths, a visit to the Archeological Museum or underwater immersions to discover lost treasures. This Island harbor one ancient shipwreck in its sea beds, the Santa Lucia Ferry, sunken in 1943.

Palmarola: it’s considered one of the most beautiful Island in the whole world: a naturalistic show. House carved into the rock, cliff in odd shapes, caves, grottos, Faraglioni, are unique beauties, that can be admired only in this island, and part of them are accessible only by boat.

Zannone: it’s the most northern island amongst all. This island is marked out by an unspoilt nature. For this reason, from 1979, it has been included in the National Park of Circeo. Once upon a time, Zannone housed a Cistercian monastery, whose remains are still visible today.

Gavi: the smallest among the smaller islands of the Archipelago. Indeed, It covers an area of 700mt x 350mt. Without beaches, Gavi is a little rocky Island with only one grotto: the grotto of Gavi. A small romantic jewel.